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Get ahead of the curve

Stellar Forge Capital could be the solution you are looking for to add a passive income stream to your portfolio.


What We Do

We take care of it all. Our management team has the knowledge, experience and connections to get you involved in crypto without the hassle, inconvenience and inconsistency of self- management.


Mining cryptocurrency can generate more than an income stream. It produces heat, noise and uses a tremendous amount of electricity. It also requires the acquisition and maintenance of equipment. Due to these constraints, cryptocurrency mining is unsuited to the home environment for most people.

Access the Cryptocurrency Market.

Cryptocurrency is a new and emerging market that could add another source of income to your portfolio. Stellar Forge Capital is an SEC Form D compliant company that has the computing power and management experience to help you develop a passive income strategy that leverages the power of cryptocurrency.

What We Do

Learn More About Stellar Forge Capital

Planned Mining Park Construction

Stellar Forge Capital is growing. In addition to the data centers we currently utilize we are in the process of building a new crypto-mining park with a planned completion of early 2022 to better meet the needs of our private placement investors. This new acquisition will be designed to help us meet the needs of more investors and have the ability to add additional computing power quickly and efficiently.

Who We Are


Michael Cantú has been a leader and innovator in the fields of automation and intelligence, blockchain and tech for over a decade. His expertise has been sought by some of the biggest names in finance, healthcare and banking such as Microsoft, United Health Group, Jack Henry, University of Kansas, Optumrx and PWC. He holds a Bachelors from Lee University and a Masters from the University of Kansas.

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Jacob Wagner has served as a leading provider of asset management for affluent individuals and families. He brings over a decade of knowledge and experience in wealth management, investments, finance, banking, and business management. He has partnered with companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to innovative start-ups. He holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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Listen to our founders talk about Stellar Forge Capital

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Who We Are
Work With Us

Work With Us

Next Steps:

1. Confirm that you qualify to participate. Simply review and fill out the form attached below.

This opportunity is only open to accredited investors that will need to verify their accredited investor status. Please confirm that you are an accredited investor.

2. Schedule a time that works with your schedule to meet with us. We can answer any question that you may have and discuss how to get started.

  • What is your experience in cryptocurrency?
    Stellar Forge Mining handles hosting for 100’s of individuals and companies. With our Capital offering we are moving to a higher tier of service where we take care of the mining process from beginning to end for our clients.
  • Why is this a good investment?
    We see the market becoming more integrated into the overall financial eco-system around the globe. The decentralized nature and increased accessibility for developing countries positions cryptocurrency for long term growth and continued acceptance.
  • How are you dealing with the volatility of the crypto market?
    We utilize dollar cost averaging through consistent sales of mined cryptocurrency. In mining a commodity and selling on a consistent basis we are taking a non-speculative position. This also provides a more consistent stream of capital which is designed to provide a passive source of income.
  • Why should I mine instead of holding cryptocurrency only?
    Ideally an investor in cryptocurrency would seek to do both. The mining of cryptocurrency brings consistent revenue in the door while an approach consisting of holding cryptocurrency puts you in a position waiting for a market move to make you money.
  • Why don’t I do this on my own?
    It can take between six to eight months to get operations moving with a team of 2-3 people working on establishing a cryptocurrency mining operation. There is electrical, HVAC, networking, and blockchain specific issues that someone either needs to know or learn in order to succeed.
  • Why is this only open to accredited investors?
    Due to the way Stellar Forge Capital is structured, investors become part owners in the company. Investors participate via a private placement memorandum. This type of investment is only available to accredited investors.
  • What are you doing from a security and insurance perspective?
    - On the digital side we provide alternating wallets at the biggest exchanges (Coinbase & BinanceUS) to make sure our cryptocurrency mining operations are as secure as possible - On the physical side, we have insurance in place to cover natural disaster, fire, theft, revenue loss protection. We also have state-of-the-art monitoring and security measures in our data centers.

*The above is for illustration purposes only.  Investors in Stellar Forge will receive a written Private Placement Memorandum ("PPM") which formally sets out the information about a potential investment with Stellar Forge.  The PPM supersedes and controls over any information contained above.  Potential investors should carefully and thoroughly read the PPM and discuss the PPM with the investor's professional advisers.

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